The vast scope of our product formulation, packaging design, contract manufacturing, logistics and procurement and uncompromising customer service, provides our company the necessary tools to address the needs of the hotel client, at any level.

Liquid personal care products

Liquid personal care products in a variety of performance benefits such as, eco-friendly, sulfate-free, paraben-free, all natural and organic formulations. We can also produce 100% pure vegetable based bar soap formulations.

Custom packaging design services

Custom packaging design services through our very creative and experienced packaging and graphic design staff.

Wide selection of new products

A wide selection of new products to serve your guest accessory requirements, including but not limited to: custom anodized aluminum toothbrushes and shavers, lacquerware material based combs, vacuum metallized hair brushes, shoe horns, bathing brushes.

Engineering plastic resin materials

We offer the full variety of engineering plastic resin materials to produce our plastic bottles and closures, as well as other OEM custom designed cosmetic packaging components.